Upload Your Own Design

Modified on Thu, 6 Jun at 10:33 AM

We offer Upload Your Own Design template options that will allow you to upload your own custom design. You can find these templates here. 

Please follow these steps to create your invitation using an Upload Your Own Design template:

1. Click on the Upload Photo button located in the center of the template.

2. Use the green slide bar to adjust your image size or the rotate button to rotate the image.

3. Customize the envelope & liner, stamp & stickers, and background of your invitation by clicking on the icons located on the bottom bar.

4. Click on Next: Event Details to move to the next step.

5. Enter your event details on the right side of the screen.


 Note: you can disable/enable the RSVP feature in this step. It cannot be adjusted after the invitation is sent/created. 

6. Click Next: Gifting to move to the next step.

7. On the Gifting Options page, you will be able to add a registry, charity, crowdfund, or enable/disable the gift ideas from your event.

8. Click Next: Preview to move to the next step.

9. On the Preview page, you will be able to preview your invitation and make changes to your event before sending it out. You will also be able to edit your Guest Options on the Preview page.

10. Click Next: Add Guests to move to the next step.

11. On the Add Guests page, you can add your guests using their email addresses or phone numbers. You can also use a past guest list, upload a file, import your contacts from Google, or search your Evite Address Book to add guests.

12. Click on Next: Review & Send to move to the next step.

13. On the Review & Send page, you will be able to select the package you wish to purchase for your event. Click on Show Details in the top right corner to view more invitation packages. You can also send yourself an email preview of the invitation you created or preview the invitation. 

14. Enter your payment information.

15. Click Purchase & Send.

For template dimensions for our Upload Your Own Design templates, please reference below:


  • At this time, you can only upload image formats such as JPG and PNG. You will not be able to upload PDFs or Word documents.
  • Upload Your Own Design templates are Premium templates and there is a charge to send the invitation. You can view our pricing here.