Invitation Pricing

Modified on Mon, 1 Apr at 8:40 AM

Below you can read our pricing information:

All designs labeled as Premium will have a charge. This charge will vary and is based on the number of guests you add to your guest list. All Premium designs can be identified by the Premium label in the design gallery.

If you select a design labeled as Free, but select one of our Premium upgrades, you will be subject to the Premium charge. Premium upgrades are as follows:

  • Adding an envelope and/or stamp
  • Adding a sticker
  • Adding a background
  • Ad Removal
  • Gifting suggestions removal
  • Shareable link

You will know if you upgraded your Free design if you see this pink diamond icon appear at the top of your screen:

All of our invitations are digital and sent electronically via email, text, or social media. You cannot use your single-event purchases across multiple invitations. Our packages are as follows:

Single Invitation Use:

Small Package (Up to 12 guests): USD 17.99
Medium Package (Up to 30 guests): USD 36.99
Large Package (Up to 75 guests): USD 68.99
X-Large Package 
(Up to 750 guests): USD 99.99

Evite Pro (Yearly Subscription - Up to 2,500 guests per invitation): USD 249.99

Please click here to view the online Premium Invitation Gallery


  • Premium packages are non-transferable, and can only be used for the invitations they are purchased for. 
  • All Premium invitations are labeled as Premium in the gallery.
  • Our Premium product is not a printed/hard copy option. All invitations are digital and sent via email or text.