SignUp Sheets Template Types

Modified on Mon, 13 May 2024 at 01:15 PM

Evite SignUp Sheets currently features three different template types. Below, we explain the three types to better assist you with choosing the best option to meet your needs:

Standalone Events: This sheet will work best for those who have a single event date and time they need volunteers or items for. For example: You are hosting a class picnic and need parents to sign up to donate specific items.

Recurring Events: This sheet type is best for recurring events, where you would need to organize volunteers for regular events. For example: You coach a t-ball team and want the parents to volunteer which week they are responsible for bringing the team snack.

Events with Multiple Days & Times: This sheet type works best for those who have needs across multiple dates and times and need volunteers to choose from the available options. For example: You are hosting a food drive for one week and need one volunteer for each shift per day.