Undelivered Invitations

Modified on Tue, 06 Dec 2022 at 01:55 AM

Have you seen a guest on your guest list have an "Undelivered" status, and don't know what it means?  When an invitation shows up as "Undelivered", this indicates that the invitation email that we sent to the guest has bounced back to us for some reason. All guests that are undelivered will show at the top of your guest list, highlighted in red. The most common reasons are:

- the email address is incorrect (incorrectly spelled, incorrect domain, etc)
- the email address is a corporate/work email address, and a firewall/spam blocker is preventing the delivery
- the guest or their email provider has our server email address (evite@mailva.evite.com) blacklisted 

To correct this:
- If the email address is incorrect, you can click the "Update Email" link beside the listing to correct it
- Have the guest check their junk/spam folder. Sometimes, an "Undelivered" status can be falsely triggered, and the guest could still receive the invitation 
- Remove the guest from the guest list, and add them with an alternate email address 
- Use your event's shareable link to send the invitation to the guest (remove them from the guest list before sending them the link, or the link will not work.)

- If a guest status is "Not Viewed", this means that the invitation has been successfully delivered on our end, but the guest has not viewed it
- An "Unknown" status is similar to "Undeliverable". It indicates that our system cannot determine whether or not an invitation was delivered
- If you receive an email stating that some email addresses on your guest list are "Undeliverable", but when you check your guest list, there are no undelivered guests, please disregard the email. It was sent in error.