Not Receiving Invitations

Modified on Tue, 02 Apr 2024 at 09:30 AM

If you know you have been added to an Evite guest list and haven't received anything, several things could be the cause. Please look into the troubleshooting options below:


  • The invitation was sent to your spam/junk folder instead of your inbox. 

  • The host added you with an outdated or incorrect email.

  • You were not added to the guest list. Please check with the event host to verify you were added and what email or phone number they added you with.

  • You blocked the event host. You can contact to have our support team check on this. 

  • You marked Evite as Spam in your inbox. You can contact with explicit permission to have your email address removed from spam suppression to receive Evite invitations again.

  • Check that you have,, and on your Safe Contacts list. For corporate or school emails, please have your IT team check that these are whitelisted.

  • If you have an Evite account, please log in, click on your initials at the top right corner, go to Account Settings, and check which email is saved as your primary address. If you have multiple emails saved to your account, all invitations are forwarded to the email saved as the primary address.


  • You blocked Evite texts from 296-94. You can contact and have our support team look up your phone number to check on this and unblock texts.

  • The host added you with an old or incorrect number.

  • Your phone was powered off or out of service when the invitation was sent.

  • Your phone plan does not accept short-code texts. You will want to check with your phone company to allow these.

  • You can only be added by text in the U.S. or Canada. International texting is not currently available.

If none of these options help, our support team can contact someone on our tech support side for further troubleshooting.