How Do I Cancel a Premium Event?

Modified on Sun, 13 Nov 2022 at 05:21 PM

To cancel a Premium event, follow the steps below:

1.Login to your Evite account that created the event

2.Click on your name on the top right corner

3.Select "My Events"

4.Locate the invitation on the dashboard

5.Click on the "More" button

6.Select "Cancel Event"

Your guests will still have the invitation email they received when they were added to the event. When they click on their envelope to view, they will be informed that the event has been canceled. If you would like to send them a cancelation notification, a message box will pop up once you Cancel the Event, to ask you to send a message to guests regarding the cancelation. You may either write a message and select the guests you want to receive your message, or press Skip.