Premium (Paid) Option

Modified on Wed, 16 Nov 2022 at 09:15 AM

Evite Premium is Evite's paid option, and you can learn more about it HERE.

In addition to a more professional and elegant experience for hosts and guests, Evite Premium invitations are advertisement-free and offer users many additional features that are sure to complement any event's planning and execution. In the gallery, all Premium invitations are marked as "Premium". 

Depending on your guest list size, will determine the purchasing price.

Premium invitations come with a complimentary envelopes that guests can click on from their email inbox. The envelope will open up to reveal the card and any additional information. As you create a Premium invitation, you can choose to add personal embellishments such as inserts (additional photo or text cards) and custom photo stamps and send cards to a set amount of recipients for a flat fee. For more information please visit HERE.

*Please note that our Premium invitations are not hard copy/printed invitations. All Evites are digital, and sent via email.

Please click here to view the online Premium Invitation Gallery