Purchase a Premium Invitation on Android App

Modified on Wed, 22 Feb 2023 at 12:56 PM

Are you looking to submit payment for your Premium invitation through the Android app?  See the instructions below:

1. Follow the steps here to add your guests.

2. Tap the green "Send to __ Guest(s)" button at the bottom right of the page to send your invitation(s).

3. Tap on "See all packages" and choose the package for either a one-time event or Pro for the best value.

4. A "Google Play" window will appear for you to make your payment.

5. Once a payment is made, your invitations will be sent and you will receive a confirmation.


- You can only purchase Premium for invitations labeled Premium in the gallery.

- You do not need to add all your guests at once and will be able to add more later without purchase, as long as you are within your purchased package limit.