Create Premium Invitation - Mobile Web

Modified on Wed, 25 Jan 2023 at 09:37 AM

Are you looking to create a Premium invitation using your phone's mobile web browser? 

See the instructions below:

1. Login to your Evite account and click "Menu" button on the top left of the screen

2. A menu will populate on the left hand side, from which you can select your desired design category

3. After you select your desired category, tap the "Filters" and select "Premium" to view our Premium invitations

4. Select your desired template, then you will be taken to Step 1, where you will choose your invitation's envelope color, liner style, and stamp

5. Tap "Continue" at the top right to be taken to Step 2, where you will enter your invitation's details. Our Premium invitations allow for the text on the card to be fully customizable. Tap directly on the card itself and manually type in your event information as well as edit the spacing. You will also have host options such as adding a Poll, What to Bring list, and Text and Photo Inserts on this page. 

6. Tap "Continue" at the top right to be taken to Step 3, where you will be able to add your guests. You can quickly add guests that are already in your Evite contact list, or you can click the "Add New Contact" button to add someone manually. 

7.You may send the invitation to guests via email or via text, using guests' mobile numbers. 

8. Tap "Continue" at the top right to be taken to the final step, where you can select your desired package and send your invitation. You may choose from one of our one-time tiered pricing packages, or our new Annual Pass. 

9. Use PayPal or a credit card to pay. 

10. When your invitation has been sent, you will get a confirmation page that contains your invitation's shareable link. You may use your shareable link to share your invitation via text and social media