Unsubscribe from Emails

Modified on Tue, 6 Feb at 12:48 PM

The steps to stop emails will vary based on what emails you'd like to turn off. Here is how you can turn all varieties:

Marketing/Promotional Emails: To turn these off, you can scroll down to the bottom of the email you received and select the Unsubscribe button. 
If you have an Evite account, you can click on your name at the top right corner and select Account Settings. From there you will select Newsletters on the left side, and then choose your preferred settings. Guests are not auto-subscribed to marketing emails.

Transactional Emails: If you are receiving updates regarding guest responses, and other various event-related notifications, you can scroll down in the email, click where it says Event Notification Settings, and select your preferences.

You can also open the invitation, scroll down, and click on Settings, and update your preferences to turn off notifications.

We do have event notifications auto-selected during the RSVP confirmation so they can stay updated on the event details, but the guest can uncheck the box before they submit their responses. 

Block a specific host:  Scroll down to the bottom of the original invitation email you've received from the host and select Block this host.

All Emails: If you don't want to hear anything from Evite at all, you can either send your request to support@evite.com or respond here and we can add you to our No Contact list to prevent all Evite-generated emails (including invitations) from being sent to you.