How to Create Premium invitation through iOS App

Modified on Mon, 05 Dec 2022 at 01:31 PM

Are you looking to create a Premium invitation from the Evite iOS app? See the instructions below:

- Log into your Evite account through the app

- Tap on "Categories" tab at the bottom of your screen

- Browse the design category of your choice

- Select the template with the "Premium" label at the top left corner of the design

- After selecting your design you will tap it open to be taken to the Design step

- Scroll down the page to select your envelope color, stamp design, and envelope liner design

- Press "Continue" at the bottom of the screen

- You will then be directed to the Edit Invitation step

- You can tap on the design and enter your desired text for a more customized option

- You will also scroll down and enter your event information into the detail fields

- After typing your information into the design you will be presented with your editing tools to customize the font, font size, spacing, and font color

- After entering your event details into the fields you will select Event Options

- You will then select your desired settings for your invitation (RSVP style, host notifications, guest list privacy, guest options, and gifting)

- Tap "Continue" at the bottom of the screen to save your settings


- You will be navigated back to the Edit Invitation page

- If you wish to add additional information or photos you can select to add a photo insert and/or text insert under Hosting Tools at the bottom of the screen

- Tap "Continue" to go to the next step

- You will be navigated to the Add Guests page

- If you are not ready to add guests or send you can tap "Skip For Now" at the bottom of the screen then select "Save and Send Later"

- Once you select your guests you will tap "Done" at the bottom of your screen

- Once you submit your payment your invitation will be sent to your guests and you will receive confirmation 

If you have any questions or need further assistance you can reach our support team here